ShareBuilder Reviews

ShareBuilder Reviews

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ShareBuilder is an online broker that emphasizes automatic investing plans. The service is owned by the Dutch financial company ING and was first founded in 1996. ShareBuilder makes it simple for investors to create automatic investment portfolios at low costs.  The service also allows for traditional real-time trades, options investing, retirement savings, and online banking through ING Direct.

ShareBuilder Commissions

  • Stocks / ETFs: $9.95 per trade, $7.95 for Advantage subscribers
  • Mutual Funds: $0 per trade for 70+ approved funds, $19.95 for 170+ other funds
  • Options: $1.25 per contract, $0.75 for Advantage subscribers

ShareBuilder Features

  • No minimum balance or maintenance fees.
  • Low cost automatic investment plans
  • Online Banking offered through ING Direct
  • Owned by a large financial institution.

ShareBuilder Promotions:

  • Advantage plan subscription fee waived for first month
  • $100 bonus when transferring from another brokerage account. (Minimum deposit of $500 required)

ShareBuilder Minimum Deposit to open an account: $0


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