Interactive Brokers Reviews

Interactive Brokers Reviews

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Interactive Brokers is an online broker geared towards serious investors. It offers highly competitive commissions, and advanced trading tools. Interactive Brokers clients gain access to over 80 markets worldwide, and the ability to trade multiple financial instruments with a single account. Interactive Brokers requires a high minimum deposit, and the free structure and platform are tailored towards active traders. They have the most competitive margin rates in the industry, starting at 1%.

Interactive Brokers Commissions

  • Stocks & ETFs: $0.005 per share (minimum $1.00)
  • Options: $0.25 – $0.70 per contract based on premium (minimum $1.00)
  • Futures: $0.85 per contract. Lower fees for high volume available.
  • Forex: 0.2-0.1 basis points per trade based on volume ($2.50 minimum)
  • Mutual Funds: $14.95 per trade
  • Bonds: $5.00 – $10.00 per trade

Interactive Brokers Features

  • Trade Stocks, Options, Futures, Forex, and Bonds from one account.
  • Low commissions, variable fee structure that rewards active traders.
  • Fast trade execution.
  • Advanced trading platform.
  • Access to over 80 markets world wide.

Interactive Brokers Promotions:

  • None at the moment.

Interactive Brokers Minimum Deposit to open an account: $10,000


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