Cobra Trading Reviews

Cobra Trading Reviews

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Cobra Trading is an online broker that allows their customers to trade stocks, ETFs, options, forex and futures all from one trading account. Cobra Trading is a medium sized brokerage located in Allen, TX. The company is one of the few online brokers that allows their customers to trade so many different kinds of financial instruments from one account. The company supports numerous different trading platforms as well.

Cobra Trading Commissions

  • Stocks / ETFs: $6.99 Flat Rate OR $0.005 per share ($0.004 per share when you trade 250,000+ shares per month)
  • Options: $5.00 + $0.95 per contract
  • Futures Contracts: $2-$6 per side (Inclusive of all fees. Prices vary depending on what’s being traded)
  • Forex: $0.00 (Commissions generated through spreads)

Cobra Trading Features

  • Extremely quick trade execution
  • Free educational futures trading material
  • Supports multiple stock trading platforms (CobraIQ, RealTick, Sterling, OmniPro and Cobra Online)
  • Multiple Futures trading platforms (J Trader, Ninjatrader, OmniPro, X Trader, and More)
  • Ability to sell short difficult to short stocks.
  • Live chat available. Phone support available during business hours
  • Regular SIPC Insurance + enhanced coverage for a total of $24.5 million in insurance
  • Check writing / Debit cards available to all almost all accounts
  • Premarket and After hours trading from 6AM thru 8PM.
  • Margin available with low rates
  • Forex Leverage of 1:100
  • Access to global futures & Forex markets

Cobra Trading Promotions:

  • N/A

Cobra Trading Minimum Deposit to open an account: $2,500 for retail margin accounts. $30,000 for day-trading accounts. $5,000 for futures accounts.


User Reviews

  • Junior says:

    how many other brokers let you choose between per share and flat rate? Not that many. Cobra Trade is an awesome online broker. been using them for a few years now and I can’t be happier. The ability to trade futures, forex, stocks, and options all from one account is great. Low commissions, great service, hard not to recommend them. I just wish they let you trade international stocks. That’s the only thing they’re really missing. their trading platforms for stocks are rock solid and ninja trader for futures is where it’s at.

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